Friday, September 26, 2008

Teacher at American School of the Deaf fired because..

Long time no see guys,

Just now I was just visiting and I came across a story with the tag "Dumbass" and the hook line:

"Today's female teacher having sex with a student comes to you from the American School for the Deaf. You submitted this headline in all CAPS (w/ pic goodness)"

I checked Deaf Read and didn't find anything about it so here you go:

Teacher At School For The Deaf Charged With Sexually Assaulting Student By Christine Dempesy

Shame ain't it?

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Anonymous said...

No way....

I'm totally shocked to hear the news because I knew her back in college...

geez... I'm at a loss for words.

mishkazena said...

Yes, it's a shame. At least the teacher was caught and will be held accountable for her lewd behavior. So, in a way, the deaf schools have improved their monitoring efforts over the years.

Remember in the old days, they wouldn't have done anything anything. Sexual molestation was a taboo in the early days and not addressed, not just in deaf schools, but also hearing schools and families.

Lurker said...

This gives me the chills. Roger should make mention about what's going on at Indiana School for the Deaf. Their varsity football coach was fired for being hard on a middle schooler. Quite possibly unrelated to this the athletic director was put on leave of absence pending investigations. After all Maryland School for the Deaf and their kind are no longer only ones in hot water!

drmzz said...

Hi DeafRoger! Rather unfortunate behaviors. "impairing the morals," interesting choice of word. News blog OK, vlog next? Shy-stop.

Belle said...

A shame because it wasn't up at Deaf Read? Still a shame otherwise, of course.

Anyway, I still have your site feed bookmarked - I haven't given up on you. :) I.e., I miss seeing your new vlogs!

RLM said...

Some deaf people dismissed me in the past about the handful of females sexually molested young boys.

The past studies shown that there were pretty higher numbers of female sexual predators more than male sexual predators. Many boys and teenagers often felt real ashamed to report that they were taken advantage due to the concept of manhood.

I knew several female sexual predators like Mrs. Marlene Gunn, the former director of student living at the WVSD's elementary department. She often targeted several boys aged from 8 to 12 whose came from broken family and dismissive parents. Mrs. Gunn intentionally dispatched those boys to her office while houseparents were outside watching the students.

Some WVSD victims turned into fearless sexual predators and turned up in prisons so far for violent sexual crimes against the society at large.

Another female math teacher fawned her hands over me while I leaned on the table doing my given classroom assignment in the early 80s. I immediately took her hands and arms off me. I was about 14 years old at that time.

All deaf female classmates cringed at me for making it a big deal. I stood by my own action and let the teacher known that was not totally acceptable for her physically frisked any students. I was only the male student in that class.

This female math teacher always talked about sex which she was considered most cool by many students. That female teacher was single for many years and frustrated for not able to find any suitable guy. She looked like actress Mary Lee Crosby (kinda attractive and slim).

Thank God for my deaf mother vigorously and openly discussed and talked about possible sexual molestation as I had to watch out for any sexual predators back in early 70s.

Another male math teacher often elbowed against many female students in his classes. He had been reported constantly, but let him remained as the faculty member. That teacher had a large family and wife.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)