Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Truth About Deaf Applause


Deaf Pixie said...

Your face expression made me so laughed. Good to tell the story about Audsim.. Quiet kind of good stories!

drmzz said...

Good one. I like that creative story.

Cruise Trip for the Deaf - Oct 2007 said...

LOL! Hearing people still use "Deaf

Please click the video and watch at the end of the video.

Cruise Trip for the Deaf - Oct 2007 said...


Try this!


DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

You are so BAI! Loved your story.

Deb Ann said...

You brought me a lot of laughs!
That's TRUE!
I have a bad habit of screaming to get some attention. It scared them out of their skin and I forgot that they are hearing, not DEAF. I prayed so hard and asked to help me to change my bad habits..I did. I have to use my hands to "wave" instead of my voice.
Thanks a bunch for bringing it up! ;)

Deb Ann said...

"them"...I meant my kids.

Michelle D said...

Your champ! Very true! That does make senses!!

deafk said...

Wow, awesome. You are so right about yelling deeply to get someone's attention... True? hand waving from that conference?? You made it sound realistic...? If so, could you please put up the links to the information??? You did a great job!

LaRonda said...

Rooohhhrrrr for Deaf Rooogggeeerrrr!

You are hilarious! I'm a total fan! You've hooked me in! I love your humor and style!

~ LaRonda

Shrimpy said...

Hey I love your Story and I agree with you . We dont need use our HANDS so SHOULD have YELL then HANDS. GOT FOR IT

See you around

Deaf Woman said...

You are hilarious, I had a good laugh! You sure remind me of Andy Olson with the same expressions...are you both related?! Lol!

Can ya "hear" me when I make a loud "ROAR" against the wall? It's the best echo in hallways!
Keep on vlogging!

PS to cruise trip for the deaf: I checked the link...all I saw was the Falcon football players moving their lips (being interviewed), no hands waving or anything...don't think this is the right it?

delly said...

loves the way u tells the story naturally! Almost made me cry and laugh too!
Long live the loud roar of our voices!

Anonymous said...

*wiping my tears* You are so funny... Keep it up with good work. I love your sense of humor..

Benjamin/Andrew Olson said...

HAAAAAA! HAAAAAA! I was flopping around on the floor laughing! Oh, CODA's have calloused vocal cords! Ben

Queen said...



you made me laughed hardest that true yollow the hall can feel it same as my former mssd gym all student make yollow for rallys and now i find out wall already crack wall gosh and yeah i learn from deaf air wave hands all the time but as first time i was thought what you talk about finish ? they told me deaf applause i said oh new to me and i feel good as air wave hands in lots of spirit catch their sign said to us.

Brian Buckley said...

Hi Roger,

I learned something new about Deaf Applause. I like the Deaf Applause is very Helpful because Deaf need to see not sound of clapping that we are not able to hear but wave for applause is very good idea. if this hearing person invented that deaf applause and we win and that is our ASL and they have lost. Hearing people cannot Beat us Deaf people at all. We still can win. Roaring is good way to call a deaf person but in Theatre or Movies. you cannot use roaring in that place because it is not proper or not polite as well. Deaf Applause can be use for Theatre who is Deaf actor or actress and in movies you might meet Deaf people by using Deaf applause because you like this movies so give them Deaf applause when other Deaf see you using Deaf applause. you will never know. I enjoy your Vlog and you are funny at the same time. Enjoy

from Brian Buckley

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

I agreed with you about concerning applause. I was not happy a long time ago. I wondered why they created the outlandish applause until I appreciate what you explained it.

I was raised at Berkeley School for the Deaf and we use physically powerful ASL for many years. I am disappointed they are trying to create unusual sign rather than ASL.

Thank you for your extraordinary!

James DeMers
Bend, Oregon, USA

Husky said...

I was floored about this comment and I totally agree with it. You are 100 percent right.. Im a hoh and I can scream out of my lungs and you know what? hearing people would say man you are screaming so loud and I would say the hell with you and I said I can scream as loud as I want just to get the attention and it actually worked. I loved the feeling of the vibrations. It s awesome.
Keep up the good work with the Blogs. You cracked me up ! LOL

Douglas said...

Some People can't hear and can't feel. shout is not good enough. I beleive hands in the air for applause. So deaf people and I can see and to be proud.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry that I dont understand what you mean this below:

"Some People can't hear and can't feel. shout is not good enough. I beleive hands in the air for applause. So deaf people and I can see and to be proud"

What about your ASL? Can you see the applause by hands alike regular hearing people?


Judge said...

You nailed it!

Keep it coming.

Kristina said...

WOW! I am truly amaze at your information! Wonderful for you to find truth for us to learn from you. I never thought to research that - I just accept as normal part of Deaf Culture without question.
I do want to say brief note: many things in this world originate from wrong intent and motive - but if it becomes a good thing, then I can't deny that postitive power in the current NOW. But I do want to stay informed about what, where and why things happen. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have to thank my friend for sending me this link. Hilarious. I am impressed

Jonathan said...

Hahahaha. Good one. That's funny and creative of how Deaf upplause came in the picture. I bookmarked your website, so I'll be checking your vlogs from time to time! :-)

We need more Deaf comedians like you!