Thursday, November 29, 2007



deafk said...

funny! ha, ha.

Ben said...

Nice tat, dude! I remmy when you got the giraffe on your ribcage by Rain!

Gabriel E said...

PHENOMENAL! Seriously so hooked, I'm overly anxious for part 2 already.

In the acting industry there is a saying that when the actor/actress plays their roles so perfectly, they have "dropped in" their roles.
With that said, dude you dropped in!

Cheers and looking forward to part duex and future vlogs!


davedave said...

you are a riot! mad skills. awesome editing, with the characters (cool tattoos

Michael said...

Ha ha ha you never cease to crack me up! Good stuff!

Laura said...


You hooked me... NO my heart & mind!

*laff laff*

Keep it coming!

Christopher said...

You rock, bro!

Little New Yorker said...

LOVE YOU! Will your vlog marry my vlog?

It is really unbelievable that you just made this as fifth vlog, you acted on vlog looks like you are an experienced long-time vloger!

Wow! Will you marry me? SAY YES, please!


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA LOL LOL HA JAPAN DEAF NINJA GOOD SHOW made me laugh hard good part last one